IT Security for New Zealand Business Owners

Upskill while you snack with Choice Technology.

Date: 10th November, 12:00pm – 12:45pm

We know you’re crazy busy, but everyone has to eat sometime, so enjoy lunch with us while we chat about current key issues impacting business owners like you. 


Tech talk doesn’t have to be boring. Our lunchbox sessions are fast and friendly, tackling the important and often overlooked elements of the tech/business relationship so you can get on with making the magic happen.

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About this session

This week we are discussing the highly relevant IT security, protecting yourself from corruption of your tech, and how to get your staff on board with security. The run sheet for this session will cover


Educating your people – your biggest asset and your biggest risk factor


Securing your network, at home, the office and your café office


Phishing – what it is, how to prevent it. 


Cryptolocker and other nasties


Passwords, two-factor authentication and biometrics

Each session runs for just 45 minutes, and places are limited, so you’ll need to register to secure your spot. These sessions are free and fast, because we all have business to get on with.

Perfect for NZ Business Owners

If you’re a staff of one, have multiple people working for you, or you’re managing a team, you’re going to find these sessions invaluable and we would love to have your company for a bite and a chat.

Half our lives are spent behind a screen doing business, so it’s important to ensure your screen is working for you. Damian speaks in real talk, free from tech jargon, and each topic is current and applicable.


Your Presenter

Sit down with Damian Funnell, he's an IT expert, a tech and business commentator, a business owner and entrepeneur, and all round chatterbox when it comes to anything tech. You'll receive real world actionable advice about relevant topics impacting small Kiwi businesses with our specialised lunchbox sessions.

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